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Boys evening beers

Joe brought photos of before children.

We all had a good laugh!

...and more laughter

Family visiting

National Gallery in the rain

Norwegian Christmas tree

Trafalgar Square

brother and sister


Lovely pub visit after a walk in Richmond


Christmas eve dinner

Christmas morning brunch

Crème Brûlée French Toast

Happy Christmas!

Adam teaching Heidi how to play the


...and here the "grand-dad dig"

Heidi was a good sport

that we got a good laugh over her

Christmas in the UK

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We had attempted to visit Hilary & Pete in the UK a number of times, and it just didn't work out.

We ended up flying over in December to spend Christmas with the entire family.

It was typical miserable British weather, grey, rain, windy and cold but it was just wonderful to visit with the entire


Tom came over from Berlin. Sophie & Adam and their new baby Heidi were in the finishing stages of a remodel of a

house they bought in the summer.

We went in to London one day. We took advantage of the only day it wasn't pouring down with rain. We visited the

National Gallery, saw the Norwegian pine tree in Trafalgar Square, and walked down Regent Street taking in the

Christmas decorations.

Most of all it was visiting time, filled with good food, and lots and lots of laughter.


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