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Note the level of the dock to the cement


Note walkway angle down to dock and

height of the cement quai.

The street in our port.

Note the angle of the walkway

JoLi's bow is at the cement quai level!

The dock infront of JoLi' is so much higher

than snow photos

Winter 2010-2011

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We were very happy to be in Ojai this winter

when we received news and photos of the weather they were having in France!

They had heavy snow that caused havoc on the roads for the first time in decades.

Then when the snow melted the rivers rose to flood levels.  The Seine rose so much that they had to stop all navigation

in Paris because there wasn't enough clearance to pass under the bridges!

The pontoons in our port are normally low and we have to go down steep walkways to reach the docks. The water rose

so much that our docks rose to make the walkways horizontal. The sign "bienvenue" is normally a few meters above

water level. The photos with the snow give a good idea of the normal water level in the port.


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