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We need to haul JoLi' our for an insurance survey in 2013.

The yard we used in 2007 unfortunately has closed down due to financial difficulties.

We decided to take a trip to north to Picardie and Belgium to visit possible haul-out facilities.

On the way back we did a side trip to the coast on the bay of the Somme River

and visited the ornithological preserve of Parc du Marquenterre.

There are 3 different trails you can follow depending on how much time you have.

Along the way there are blinds where they have posters to help in identification of the various species.

Many of the blinds are staffed with nature guides and high powered telescopes.

The day we were there there was a huge stir as some migrating black juvenile storks

landed in a field to rest on their journey from Belgium to Africa.

Apparently, it is very rare to see the black storks, especially the juveniles.

The nature guides said that they would most likely depart in the morning when the land started to warm and provide lift.

As we were driving the following morning we looked up in the sky and were lucky to see them departing in formation.


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