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B Dock Alumni News - Volume I

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Ventura to San Diego

December 1-5, 1999

Well we're ensconced in our marina here in San Diego and are finding we need to be flexible in our plans ...once again.

Pretty uneventful ride down to San Diego. We motored the whole way. From Channel Islands to Catalina Island it was

pretty swelly. 6-8 ft swells very close together with not enough wind from the right direction to make it easy to sail

through them. We'd have had to hand steer and that would have been no fun. When we finally got in the lea of Catalina

island the seas calmed and the wind totally died, so we continued to motor. Boy was it a cold night on watch for both of

us! Didn't help me get over my cold that was coming on.

Went to the Mexican Consulate office Friday afternoon after the Fleming Wind vane person had checked out Joe's

installation only to find that they'd closed 15 minutes before our arrival! For all who might care: The hours of the

Mexican Consulate are 8:30am -1:30p Mo-Friday. Nowhere in any publications is this listed! So our departure was

delayed until Monday afternoon.

Well, that was fine. We could fill the weekend no problem and it was only one day delay. Saturday a friend from Fresno

came down to sail on the bay and Joe's daughter and boyfriend came down also.

It promised to be a beautiful day. Until we went to start the engine. Boy did it sound terrible! The bendix on the starter

had broken. Can you believe it? Joe had just rebuilt the electrical part of the starter and said that he had never had a

bendix go out on him in his entire mechanical life. Obviously, being a saturday we were stuck for repair facilities until

Monday. So no sailing on the bay for us and our company. After we've sorted out our repair options we realized that this

could have happened in Mexico the first time we tried to start the engine at one of the anchorages along the coast of

baja with hundreds of miles still to go! or, yet another option, we could have shut the engine off and sailed for a while

and then when we went to start the engine at night as we passed Catalina island in the dark and cold the engine

wouldn't start and we'd have had to hassle with getting help. This really did work out well considering what MIGHT have


We'll sort it out on Monday and have a better idea of our departure date. I suppose it's better cause it gives us both a

chance to recoup. I'm on the backside of my cold (I'm sure enhanced by the cold, cold, cold, night sail down here) and

Joe's has just come out full blown yesterday. Hopefully, by the time we leave we'll both have recovered.

This is all part of the adventure. We have e-mail access through Downwind Marine while we're in San Diego so I'm

sending it this way. Our departure date all depends on how available this part is to be repaired. If it needs to be could be a long wait. We'll know more on Monday afternoon.


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