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Trying on Carnivale head-dresses at a

Maas Camp.

Head dresses being assembled at one


This Camp was storing finished items

from the ceiling!

This years costumes were on display with

men & womens versions modeled... a photo and pasted on the glass with

cost details.

We visited a Pan factory. These barrels

will become pans.

The start of a pan.

Each oil drum surface is hammered by

hand in to notes.

Famous pan maker explains the process

to our group.

He demonstrates how the notes are

hammered following paper templates.

Another worker hammering a soon to be

pan. (note ear protection)

Our group

The pans are then tuned. (see keyboard

on right) Tuner sits on the red pillow.

The tuner is a very important part of the

process. It takes hours to tune.

Proudly showing off the finished product.

Complete with it's own custom case.

Building up to carnivale - Out Ta de blue

evening party.

Friends clowning with the Cuervo girls.

Of course there was also work on Net

Result to be done.

It takes one week - 7 full days up the

mast to varnish the mast.

Sand, clean, and 3 coats of varnish.

Jessie of "Members Only"

An excursion with "Members Only" to a


We hiked up in to this forest... a beautiful waterfall

Net Result, Destiny and Kahala having


Peter of Destiny with Joe.

Rob of Kahala, Peter and Joe.


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January - April 2002

We returned to Net Result which was safely delivered by our friend Heather Andrews just before the New Year. Our plan

was to experience carnivale in Trinidad which had a reputation of being 2nd to Rio's and take advantage of the marine services.

We mixed touring, socializing, pre-carnival events with work on Net Result. Trinidad was a perfect place to have boat work

done. We found a super ship wright, Lennox Stewart Master Yacht's Carpenter and Cabinet Makers, who rebuilt our forward

hatch, added a fiddle to the companion way sliding hatch, repaired our lazarettes in the cockpit and lots of other bits and pieces.

Trinidad also has a reputation for its fabric stores and we had new slip covers made for all the cushions on the settees and nav

station. And finally, we had Net Result's bottom overhauled at Peakes Yacht Services (see December 2002 for details).

Maas Camps are somewhat like costume design businesses. Each "Camp" designs and constructs a number of costumes for

both men & women to wear in the annual parade. There are probably 10-12 "camps" that design costumes for the parade.

People visit each "camp" and select the costume that they like best. Orders are placed for the costumers and banks offer

financing for the costumes! One marches in the parade with people dressed in the same costumes. These costume subdivisions

of the manufacturers are called "bands".


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