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November 2010 & Thanksgiving family gathering

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We had returned from France at the beginning of October.

This years re-entry was a little more hectic than normal as Michael had been offered a position working in Thousand

Oaks at the Amgen facility which meant that he would be living with us in Ojai during the week.  Michael moved his

Ebay inventory to the garage and continued to sell on Ebay while working at his new position.

Julie & Guy held their wedding luncheon in Fresno on the 16th of October.

Lisa started listing her items she'd brought back with her from the Brocantes over the season on Ebay.

Lisa and Gerry coordinated the Thanksgiving feast and, as usual, fun was had by all!

Simone, Micaela & Chris' daughter, was inducted in to her first Thanksgiving family gathering.


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