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Ready for the onslaught of 15

Gerry opening her birthday present.

A salt box from a Brocante.

Chaos generally follows the family picture

Chaos in the kitchen

Hey Guy, you think this has enough Gin?

Finally ready to partake!

Betty saying grace

future parents

Desert and coffee

At the end of the meal

November 2009 & Thanksgiving family gathering

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We had returned from France at the beginning of October. We easily fell in to our "U.S. Life".

Lisa started listing her items she'd brought back with her from the Brocantes over the season on Ebay. It was a lot of

fun for her and in about 3 weeks she had sold everything from her 2009 adventures. She's got a much clearer idea of

what she'll be looking for in 2010 and is counting the days until her first one!

Lisa and Gerry coordinated the Thanksgiving feast and as usual fun was had by all!

Two pieces of family news:

1) Micaela and Chris are expecting a baby in June 2010 and

2) Julie and Guy are engaged to be married.


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