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Charley greeting Lisa on her return from

the Brocantes

Mike Wright

Grande Allée 15 September

Grande Allée 15 September

Grande Allée in late September

Fall crocus


So much more light around the lily pond

Michael & Diane

The surface of the pond is clean

lilies at their peak

Pond gardener chatting with Lisa

Blooming like in Monets days

Patty, Don and Lisa

Patty & Lisa

Coucou, until next year

Capturing the light at Hotel Baudy

September 2009

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We returned to Cergy at the end of August and life returned to normal with "La Rentrée" (the return).

It's a big deal here because with La Rentrée, meaning returning to school, life also "returns" to normal.

That also meant the Brocantes started again and Lisa was off from morning until evening every weekend.

Friends of Stevie & Gerry (Joe's brother and wife) were in Paris for a few days.

We went to lunch at Roche Guyon, visited Giverny and Monets gardens, and then came home JoLi'

for cocktails before they returned to their hotel in Paris via the RER train.

The September visit to the lily ponds at Monet's garden was a real shock and surprise. As we came out of the tunnel under the

road crossing between the main house and their gardens we noticed it was a lot brighter. It appeared empty, something was

missing, but what. They were in the process of felling the grove of poplar trees that lined the back of the lily ponds. Our first

reaction was it was too open, too exposed, and why had they done such a thing. Lisa spoke with the pond gardener that was

working the lilies from the green row boat and he explained that the pollen (that we had seen in the Spring) was really hurting

the flowers and lilies in the area. The Claude Monet Foundation had been working with an environmental group on how to deal

with the problem. He further explained that there were not as many poplar trees in Monet's garden when he lived and painted

here, and that the lilies and flowers has never been more beautiful. He was right by gosh, and the reflections in the late

afternoon sun made for photos incroyable!


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