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Bienvenue Julie!

First night in Nancy

Fresh bread from the bread truck in the


Approaching the 1st tunnel of Arzvillier

It's a short one.

Inside the first tunnel

A train passes in the gap between the


Approaching the second, longer tunnel.

You can barely see the end

45 minutes later, we exit.

Boats waiting their turn as it's a one-way


Lunch after the tunnel

The tunnel is just behind us here.

Approaching the Arzvillier lift.

The guillotine door opens for us.

Looking down towards the bottom

JoLi' in the lift ready to go down.


Enjoying the view on the way down.

Entrance at top in right corner of photo.

View of lift upon exiting.

Moored for the night at the bottom of the


Julie at St. Vitt

In a lock


Pulling the lock bar


Upon arrival in Strasbourg

Lunch at a Creperie

On the last day with us.

St. Hippolyte where Gerardin ancestors

date back to 1490's.

Wandering the village

This is the street where the Gerardin

family lived.

Small doorways

Beautiful timbered homes

Lunch and wine tasting

Henri Bleger winery

September 2006 - Julie's visit

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We picked Julie & Guy up at the airport in Strasbourg and brought them back to Nancy.

They travelled with us between Nancy and Strasbourg.

The day prior to their arrival, the sun broke out and they had glorious weather for their entire visit.

Since a photo says a thousand words, just watch the slide show and enjoy their trip.

P.S. Thanks to Guy for taking the majority of theses photos!


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