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La petite France

Strasbourg Cathedral

View from Cathedral tower

Arial view

St Thomas Cathedral

Organ at St. Thomas Cathedral

Organ that Mozart played.

Signs of fall

Fall colors

Lisa & Kathy

Lisa, Kathy & Marcelle

Ready for Kathy's meal


Oh, the flowers

Kathy & Marcelle in Gray

Year end ceremony

Then Joe got to clean up

arriving home

The last lock of the season

Preparing dinner at our mooring.

September -- Strasbourg to St. Symphorien

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We spent about 2 weeks in Strasbourg. What a super city! Sort of reminded us of a smaller, cleaner, more charming and

organized Paris. We bicycled and took advantage of their modern public transportation system to play tourist. The Office of

Tourism has many aids for tourists from all countries to better experience the wonderful city. We did a self-guided audio

walking tour. It was supposed to take 3 hours. It took us 6, but we learned so much about the history and culture of the city and

its surrounding region.

Reluctantly, on the 14th of September we started home to our winter mooring. The colors of fall were starting to display

themselves, the days were getting shorter and the temperatures were dropping. All signs that our cruising season was nearing

its end. We traveled leisurely on our return. The canals were much less crowded and some days we were the only boat

navigating in the section of canal. We were able to find mooring in the port of Epinal where normally during high season it's

close to impossible for a barge of our size.

Lisa's friend from her TWA days in Boston, Kathy Yeager traveled with us on our way home from Port sur Saône. Kathy was

our first guest on JoLi' in June of 2002 when there wasn't anything onboard. Her mom, Marcelle, who lives in Paris part of the

year, came also. It was really fun for Kathy and Marcelle, because they had never seen this part of France or experienced a

cruise on a canal. We lucked out and had cool/cold days but a decent number of sunny days that enabled us to enjoy lunches on

deck. Kathy enjoyed cooking and handling the lines.

On our last day on the Saône River, we performed the traditional "dumping of the flowers" truly signaling the end of our

cruising season. It's always a little sad to empty our beautiful flower boxes in to the water. They were brilliant this year, and we

received lots and lots of compliments from passersby.


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