Gerardin Travels        

Sandy handling the bow line in a lock

enroute to Dole.

Russ handling the stern. A lot easier than

the Panama Canal.

JoLi' Folie at the quai in Dole.



Friends onboard for the first trip out for


Lisa's friend Carol came to visit us. Wine

tasteing luncheon at...

...Domaine Comte Senard at Aloxe-


Comte Senard visting with Joe.

Vineyards at Aloxe-Corton

Then it was Carol's turn for a trip on JoLi'

Folie to Dole.

Passing through the control lock at Dole...

...that takes you on to the Doubs.

The lock house

On to the Doubs River for a bit...

Then turn the "perche" to activate the lock

in to Dole.

Dole from the lock.

Exiting the lock on the other side of


To our favourite spot "under the trees".

The narrow curved "porte de guarde"

enroute to Rochefort sur neon.

Moored at the pontoon on the Doubs at

Rochefort s/ Neon.

JoLi' Folie moored under the trees in Dole.

Complete with a view of a chateau.

Sequence of passing thru lock #69 at Dole

from under the trees.

We'll be going down.

Lisa drops the bow line on the bollard...

...and handles the line (letting out line)... the water empties from the lock.

Always making sure there's enough line to

allow the barge to continue down... the lock. Then, the bow line is

removed and Joe pulls out of the lock.

bye, bye...

September 2002

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JoLi' Folie finally underway

By the beginning of September Joe had the generator operational

and we had water (hot & cold) onboard.

No heat still, as the radiators needed to be attached to walls,

but we didn't have any walls on the inside.

The eight windows that we had ordered for the salon finally arrived

from England after ten months of waiting. We would install them in 2003.


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