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We were invited by Robin & Shelene of

Hambe Gahle to visit Mamitupu.

We had met Hambe Gahle in El Salvador.

Robin had lived off Mamiputu for 8yrs

A small hut that was built on a shallow

coral spot.

They explained the indian culture and

customs and introduced us to the locals.

We walked up to the top of a hill on shore

and had magnificent views.

Shelene, Joe and Robin

Net Result anchored below

Stakes that are carved by the locals to

ward off evil spirits.

Each placed carefully for purpose.

Some for good luck, some to ward off


The Hollandes Cays were probably the

most spectacular!

Hollandes Cays

Swimming Pool

San Blas Islands

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May 2001

From Linton we moved in to the San Blas Islands. Our first stop was Chichime, then to Mamiputu and finally to the Hollandes

Cays. The Indians are an independent interesting matriarchal culture known for their molas.

At Hollandes Cays, called "the swimming pool" by cruisers,  we anchored in 9 feet of water. We could see every spec of

sand on the bottom. Joe dropped a lock overboard and we could see it as clearly as looking through a pane of glass. There isn't

any protection from the wind as there are few islands with any trees on them to stop the wind. There is only the coral reef that

surrounds the islands which protects boats from the swell.

The water was spectacular and clearer than we'd ever seen, but to our surprise there was very little sea-life. And the coral

appeared to be diseased or dead almost everywhere. We found out later that the locals were using bleach to catch squid. They

would inject bleach in to the small openings in the coral to kill the squid, which would then float out of hiding and be caught. The

other result from this practice was that the small islands were littered with empty white plastic bleach bottles having been

discarded in the lagoons and washed up onshore.

Trash was always a real concern to cruisers. Many times cruisers would gather at remote anchorages in the afternoon for

"happy hour trash burns" on the beach. It was a good time to meet other people and dispose of ones garbage properly. On the

pacific side where there were big tides, we'd burn the trash at low tide so as the tide came up it would sweep the ashes to sea.


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