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Chateau Neuf on the hill

Dinner at Vandenesse port

JoLi' Folie at Vandenesse port

Vandenesse port Chateau Neuf in back

Don helping Joe take the wheelhouse


Doors and top off of wheelhouse

Joe testing to see how the convertible


1st lock out of Vandenesse. Chateau Neuf

in back.

Friends joined us for the unique


Feeling a bit exposed with the top down.

What a photo!

7 more locks 'til the tunnel

Charming garden setting with manequins

along the canal

Enjoying the sunny day and the top down.

Entering the 3rd lock.

Sara along the towpath.

Ecluse #4 is also an ancient farming tool


Looking down at us in a lock.



Leo and Sara

Leaving Escomes to start the run to the


The route to the tunnel. One way traffic


The entrance to the tunnel. Here we go!

The white dot is the other end of the


We've just begun the 45 min. ride. End of

tunnel still a dot.

The end is starting to be more visible.

coming out

we're thru!

Leo enjoying the sun again

Sweet baby, baby swans at Pouilly


Transiting the Pouilly Tunnel - June 9, 2004

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The Pouilly Tunnel is 3.5km long on Burgundy Canal between Escomes and Pouilly.

Due to height restrictions, we had to take our wheelhouse down.

Many barges are unable to transit the tunnel because their wheelhouses are fixed.

Patty & Don of the barge Maria, and Kathy and Richard from Le Premier joined us.

Leo and Sara were working on Le Premier this summer and came along.

It was a fun day visiting and sharing the adventure.


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