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View from edge of lock in to club area.

Arial view of the Club. Red tiled roof in top

right is Pedro Miguel Lock.

The crane was used to haul boats. Club

on right.

The kitchen during the weekly Pot Luck.

Dave of "Wave Dancer" serving himself at

the Pot Luck.

View from the club of a container ships

stern in the lock.

Net Result at the Pedro Miguel Boat Club.

A cruise ship approaches the lock.

View from Net Result's bow as ship

approaches lock.

Perspective of the approaching ship to the

lock with Net Result at the dock.

Net Result's bow and the cruise ship in the


Pedro Miguel Boat Club

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January 21, 2001 - April, 2001

We stayed at Pedro Miguel Boat Club which was located

directly in front of the 3rd lock in the canal for 2 months.

Net Result had a great spot, directly in front of the Pedro Miguel Lock under a palm tree!

We watched cruise ships pass thru day and night only a few hundred yards from us.

The best way that we could describe PMBC was "summer camp in the Poconos".

The building was a rough wooden structure with tall ceilings.

The clubhouse had internet, a full kitchen with massive fridges and freezers.

The clubhouse was the gathering spot for everyone.

Once a week cruisers there was a cruisers "Pot Luck" at the clubhouse.


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