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Entrance to our pontoon

Hard to believe that we had just arrived a few

days earlier!

What a view on to the Oise River

catching up with cousins

Lunch on deck

welcoming display from a local fireboat

Kathy & Dennis

on the bridge across to the park with JoLi'

behind us

view from the park

One of the lakes in the park

peaceful paths to wander

Fall colors in the Park

October 2007 in Cergy

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Five days later, Joe's cousin

from San Francisco, Kathy

O'Keefe and her husband

Dennis stayed with us for the

night as they had a layover in

Paris on their way home from

holiday. We met them at the

train station in Cergy and had

a long leisurely lunch on deck

in the glorious sunshine. Who

could have thought that only a

few days ago it was grey,

rainy and foggy. Our 2 months

in the yard seemed a long time

ago. This was one of very few

times we ate outside all


Our mooring is directly across

from a huge park with 5 lakes,

and 60 hectars of trails for

cycling, walking and horseback

riding. There's windsurfing,

kayaking (with a white-water

rapids course), sailing, and

wind surfing on the lakes. We

all went for a long walk in the

park in the afternoon sun and enjoyed the fall colors.

The next morning we walked them out to the bus at the

port to make their connection to another bus that travels

directly to Charles de Gaulle Airport. We had a wonderful

time and hope that they come back to visit again for


After their departure we got busy "settling in" to our new

home. Cergy is a lovely town with all the services that

we'll need to live. The RER A line (suburban train) station

is 1km from the port. There's a bus that operates from the

port to the train station or we can walk thru mostly

gardens and park area to catch the train. The train runs

every 10 minutes thru out the day to downtown Paris. We

can easily travel to Paris and take advantage of all the

magical city has to offer but return to peace and quiet of

Cergy at night. We used the motorcycle  to get around

locally when the weather was nice, until we got our car

"Rosie" in January of 2008.

We found a french course for Joe at Alliance Française. He

was tested to determine his placement level. He was

excited about starting the extensive (9hrs/wk-3 hrs / 3

times a week) program when we returned from our visit

home in November/December.

The weather's was glorious so we thought that we'd

probably be able to survive the winter. The last couple of

nights prior to our return home were on the cooler side,

2ºc-3ºc that's almost freezing! The central heating's was

sufficient for then but Joe would be adding 2 more

radiators in January. The days were glorious and we were

able to work outside on the boat or walk to everywhere.

The little village of Cergy is delightful. There's a

wonderful boulangerie with great breads (pfhew!) and

totally yummy, decadent deserts! There's a little farm stall

selling fresh veg. The port is surrounded with clean

modern classy apartments with restaurants and bistros on

the ground floors. The restos hop daily for lunch and

moreso on the weekends. Since we were out on our own

pontoon we were a little removed from view, which made

our spot really attractive. The couple that run the port

couldn't have been nicer, and we felt very much at home.

We were still in the pinch me stage, we couldn't believe

that it was all so wonderful. We kept waiting for the shoe

to drop, but it didn't, and by the time we left for our visit

home we felt it probably wouldn't.

Come and see for yourselves!


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