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Julie enroute to Dole

Turning the perche to activate the lock in

to the port of Dole.

Approching the lock after Dole "under the


Lock 69 - entry to our favourite mooring


Julie fell in love with this spot too.

Exiting the lock

Preparing the lines to moor under the


Lock enroute to Rochefort

What's this? The Porte de Guarde is


Quickly get ashore and hammer in a stake

to tie off.

Here's the reason why the doors were

closed. The Doubs is running.

We had to wait until after lunch when the

eclusier came... work us through the guard lock and

turn around.

We needed to be careful not to be swept

over the weir on our return.

Heading back under the trees.

The Dole market is always a highlight.

Julie enjoyed the merchants signs. This

one specializes in horse meat.

And this one - everything poultry.

Always the flowers.

JoLi' Folie on the Dole quai.

Julie getting ready to...

...turn the perche to activate the lock.

We visited Chateau Neuf

...and this charming museum of old tools

It was an interesting collection of many

different things.

Museum owner showing his miniature


This is the lettuce selection in the hyper


The leaves were turning on the Burgundy


We visited Beaune...

...and it's charming carousel...

...and the Hotel Dieu.

Joe, Msr. Guide du Vin.

Julie & Joe overlooking Puligny Montrachet

Wine tasting luncheon at Aloxe-Corton.

October  2003 —  Julie's Visit

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Julie was our last visitor for the year. She came for two weeks.

It was much more comfortable this year as the central heating was now working!

We were really proud of how much she remembered her french from school.

She needed it as her train tickets didn't arrive in time,

and she had to do some quick talking at the Gare de Lyon in Paris on arrival!


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