Gerardin Travels        

On the bridge at Lock 75 of our mooring

upon arrival.

We toured the burgundy vineyards that

were starting to show fall colours.

The "vendage" (harvest) had been about

3 weeks prior to their arrival.

Flowers always adorn the homes.

A winery in burgundy.

Patrick Leflaive of Puligny-Montrachet

explaining the "crus" and terriors.

A famous crossroad in Puligny-


Inside the Leflaive winery, he explained

the winemaking process.

Wine tasting luncheon after the tour

started with pate de canard.

Wine was tasted throughout the meal in

groups of three.

Pascal the sommelier visits after lunch

with Gerry & Lisa.

Our group saying farewell and thank you.


Fall colors at Aloxe-Corton

The interior still was all silver, no walls

and still the old windows.

Our stove is super, complete with a


We got tired of all the silver insulation and

put up a white paper tablemat.

We toured Flavigny s/ Ozerain where the

movie "Chocolat" was filmed.

Flavigny s/ Ozerain

Flavigny s/ Ozerain

The group from the port at the end of the

year port gathering.

Complete with dancing...

...which evolved in to greek dancing.

...which led to Bruno loosing his footing

(bottom left)!

Stevie & Gerry stayed longer than we did!

The next day it was their turn to take the

trip to Dole.

Stevie was anxious to give line handling in

the locks a go.

Lisa handled the bow.


Of course there was always time for


A lockkeepers dog staring Stevie down.

Joe giving Stevie some help behind the


Stevie gives it a go.

Stevie & Gerry

Gerry gives the Dole perche a twist.

Upon arrival at the quai in Dole.

Our view at night from JoLi' on the quai at


Even through the old windows it's


Dole tannery district enroute to the


Dole Market

Buying bread from our favourite bakery.

Dole Market

Choosing olives from our favourite lady at

the market.


Stevie on the towpath under the trees.

Our little bike got overloaded!

October 2002

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Stevie & Gerry's Visit

Our last visitors of the season were Joe's brother and his wife.

It was starting to be cold now but we still didn't have any heat onboard.

We had a fantastic time! Insulation was up, but there were no walls in the salon or galley.

The canal was closing for winter work on the 12th of October.

We had to be back at our mooring before then.

The first morning of their visit, 14 of us went out for a Routiers lunch.

Gerry laughed and remarked it was the first time that she ever had wine for breakfast, as they had just gotten up.

We mixed sightseeing by car and traveling on JoLi' during their visit.

We took a trip to Dole so they could experience a few days onboard.

Upon our return, there was an annual end of the year port party.

We had an incredible time!


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