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Placing Net Result in the lift.

Protection on the straps for the new bottom


..enroute to her launch


Our primo spot in Le Marin

Isn't she lovely!

View to one of the many anchorages

Evening calm

Phillipe the dock master at Le Marin

Panoramic view (links to next shot)

right side of panoramic view

St. Pierre harbour

Clement Rum Plantation

Picturesque gardens at the Plantation

Plantation house

Our wheels for exploring the island

Net Result - April & May 2005

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We had really enjoyed our

time at home in Ojai from

November 2003 through the

beginning of 2004. We finished

the upstairs remodel that was

interrupted when we purchased

Net Result in June of 1997.

We'll do the math for you...

that's seven years!

We realized we wanted to

unstretch our lifestyle and

started the process of selling

Net Result. We felt that we

needed to be in too many

places each year. This,

combined with the difficultly of

traveling standby to the

caribbean which usually

involved three, if not four flight

connections, and the reduction

of flight service since

September 11, made it a

pretty unpleasant trip to and


Net Result was on the hard in St. Lucia but we felt she

would show better if we left her in the water while she

was for sale. St. Lucia had pretty good airline service and

the yard was reasonable, but leaving her in the water was

too expensive. The french islands (Martinique and

Guadaloupe) had always been spoken of very highly within

our cruising community. After some e-mails and research

we decided that we would take Net Result up to Le Marin,

Martinique for one hurricane season to give it a try.

We spent one of the most difficult weeks in our lives

in the yard in St. Lucia preparing to launch Net Result! It

was hot, it was dusty, there was no water pressure in the

yard... but we got through it and Net Result was back in

the water again. We sailed in to St. Anne's anchorage in

Martinique a few hours before a beautiful peaceful sunset.

We were excited to see what our change of location would

be like. We wanted to do a lot of varnishing but with the

slips at Le Marin being all med moor (a line to the dock

and a line to a buoy behind and no dock on either side of

you) we weren't sure how we were going to get the work

done. The port was massive! There are 6 long docks with

space for about 100 boats (50 on each side) on each and

an end tie (dock) on each of the 6 docks. These end ties

were normally reserved for large yachts -- which we

weren't! When we explained our situation to the

capitainerie, they couldn't have been more

accommodating. They gave us an end tie (of which we

only needed half the space) so we could do our work. It

was a real pleasure to be surrounded with a familiar

friendly culture again. The incredible thing was that 98%

of the boats were non-american flagged (mostly french).

We settled in to a daily life of work, work and more work

on the boat, interspersed with people stopping to visit with

us. The dock masters were super. Guy-Guy always had a

smile on his face and a wave "bonjour" as he zipped past

us. And Phillipe discovered that he and Joe were both

classic Jazz music lovers. Amazing how music spans all

languages. Phillipe DJ'd a radio show every tuesday night,

and on one of our last nights in Martinique, he dedicated a

song to "his new friends on Net Result".

It was now the end of May and we were ready to put

Net Result away for the hurricane season and return to

France. But before leaving Martinique we treated ourselves

to a vacation. We hired a car, booked a couple of nights at

a few different hotels around the island and set off with a

list of sights to see. It was incredible to realize that there

was so much variety on this one island -- botanic gardens,

plantations, and two very different coasts. We're very,

very pleased we chose Martinique for Net Result and are

confident that she's being well looked after and is safe in

our absence.

Postscript after hurricane season:  2005 was one of the

most active hurricane/tropical storm seasons in years.

One of the attractive things about the port of Le Marin is

that it's very protected. There is a long narrow channel

one must travel up into a bay where the marina is located.

Hence it would be very protected from swell and surge. It

was incredible for us to follow the 2005 Unisys Hurricane/

Tropical data site for the Atlantic this year and see all the

activity everywhere but the little chain of islands on the

charts that represented the French West Indies. The

caribbean was definitely a better choice for a sailboat

during hurricane season than Florida!


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