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Michael arriving at CDG

Visiting Monet's Gardens

The poplar trees at the back of the pond

were dropping pollen that it looked like it

was snowing!

At first we thought it was pretty.

But later, we realized it was actually

choking the flowers.

The pollen was so heavy it was blocking

the light.

We learned later this year that the lillies…

…were not blooming because the light was

being blocked to them.

Michael and Pops

Hotel Baudy

Painters studio at Hotel Baudy


It was pouring down with rain and so we

visited the Transport Museum

It was massive. One can easily spend an

entire day there.

Panoramic train car views…

…traveling between Lucerne and


Our view from our hostel…

…window in Interlaken!

Parasailing was very popular

Hike along the lake one day

We did an excursion…

…via train, bus and cable car…

…to Schilthorn peak.

It is more common to go up to Jungfrau,

but we were advised against it because of

the weather.

The peaks of Jungfrau would be under


Superb panoramic views from Schilthorn

It was freezing!

360 degree rotating restaurant

Bond movie was filmed here (see 007 in


From Schilthorn we could see Jungfrau

and the Eiger.

We took a different route on the way


… and stopped at Trummelbach Falls

Trummelbach Falls

One takes climbs up 10 stories INSIDE…

…these falls that have cut a whole…

…in this mountain.

The sound is deafening

Did it!

Golden Pass ride from Interlaken to

Geneva via Montreaux

Lunch at Lake Geneva before connecting…

…via TGV back to Paris.

Michael's trip to Europe 2009

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For the first time in almost 12 years Michael took a one month vacation during the summer.

He arrived in Paris and spent 3 days with us adjusting to the time change before taking the night train to Berlin. He

stayed there a week, and then went on to Prague for about 5 days, then back to Munich for 3 days. He then joined us in

Lucerne, Switzerland and from there we spent a week traveling on the "Golden Pass Scenic Train Route". We stayed in

Lucerne and Interlaken. The weather wasn't great, but the scenery and panoramic trains of Switzerland more than made

up for it!

We all returned to Paris where he spent another 5 days on JoLi' before flying home to California.


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