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The new opening for the windows cut.

The new windows installed.

The banquette (sitting area) in the


With a door for privacy in the guest cabin.

The steering station with 4 drawers. We

varnished it ourselves.

Our friends fitting out a hotel barge,

needed help with ballasting.

2 metre long railroad ties were stacked in

piles of 12.

Then a crane lifted them and dropped

them in to the hold thru their skylight.

Below, the guys would unload each rail

and stack them in the hull.

Then a floor was installed and the water

tanks were craned in.

Karine and Lucas Sixt would visit us while

we worked.

The english shopfitters that did the

interior of Le Premier.

Lisa was asked to christen Le Premier.

May / June 2003 —  Getting to work on JoLi'

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Our first priority was to replace the eight salon windows.

The new windows had sliders and hoppers.

We did the work ourselves.

When it didn't rain, we pried the old windows out and cut larger openings with a jig saw.

Once all the holes were cut, we painted the sides and then installed the windows.

The first window took two hours to cut and by the last one it was taking only 45 minutes.

We also had a carpenter build-out the wheelhouse for us.

We drew up the plan of what we wanted and we varnished and finished it.


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