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Adam & Shannon first morning

Catacombs Visit

Sculpture carved by some of ...

...the quarrymen in the Catacombs.

views from the Eiffel Tower

taken by Adam.

Louvre visit

In the foundations of the Louvre

View from JoLi' at night

Oh, the treasures that can be found...

The one thing that Adam & Shannon

regret having left behind...

Adam & Shannon's Visit

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The weather continued to be glorious for the entire month of May.

Our nephew Adam and his girlfriend, Shannon, came to visit us the last two weeks of May.

It was Shannon's first trip to Europe.

We took them in to Paris the first day to show them the ropes of the transportation system,

had lunch at L'as de Falafel in the Marais and from then on they were off and about every day on their own.

We gave them our personal Highlights of the Louvre Tour,

and of course, they went to a Brocante with Lisa.

It was really a lot of fun to have someone along.

Adam took loads of photos, everyone got something to take home from the day.

But the best part was the fact that they were able to go to a "good one"

and now have a better understanding of Lisa's passion for Brocantes.

Before we knew it, we were taking them back to the airport for their return to the States.

The barge seemed very empty after their departure.

We had a wonderful time and hope they'll come back again.


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