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Spring in full bloom…

…the beginning of May

So many varieties of tulips

and their colors…

Some even look like lillies

Pink and white tuplis are planted…

…in the beds in front of the main house…

…which are replaced in late June by the

red geraniums.

Grande Allée

Grande Allée

Grande Allée

Grande Allée

Grande Allée

Azaelas in so many colors

Is that Monet painting on the right?

Iris at the end of May

Coquelicots and Iris

Garlic blossom

Village scene on way to a Brocante

Typical Brocante

little treasures

The pair of swans in our port

had 9 babies this year!

Take a close look under the swans wing…

…and you can see the babies on her


…when they fatigue and seek shelter!

May 2009 - Return to France

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We returned to France the end of April. We had a few little things to deal with upon our arrival to JoLi' Folie:

(a porcelain toilet tank had split in the winter cold, and our little car had been towed away and impounded by the police!)

Daily life in Paris returned to normal with small chores on the barge, going in to Paris to catch up on exhibitions and visits to the

gardens at Giverny. Last year we missed the Iris and the wisteria blooming at Giverny. This year we went three times in the

month of May and were lucky to view the tulips and Iris at their peaks, AND be present for the short (normally 10-14 days) of

the wisteria blooming on the Japanese bridge. We've included a great deal of these photos for you to enjoy.

Of course, Lisa quickly returned to her Brocante/Vide Grenier-ing. It's kind of like flea markets but each village puts them on

and charges for spaces to vendors as a way to make money for their village. May is THE month to be in France for this activity.

You see, there is at least one day every week in May that is a holiday so every weekend is a long one and the villages

everywhere host their brocantes. Lisa has found that May is the BEST month to find treasures of all kinds because the sellers

have been out all winter seeking, finding and buying their items that they will resell in the spring. Some days she will do 5-7

brocantes in one day and is gone from early morning to evening. It's become a passion for her and she's collected some

wonderful goodies and tells some wonderful stories on their acquisitions along the way.


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