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The interior upon arrival. We were

supposed to be living onboard!

A new floor needed to be laid

Pavers in the bilge of JoLi instead of the

moisture retaining gravel.

Looking from our cabin, down the corridor

in to the salon.

The insulation is stacked where our desk

is in our cabin. Bathroom is beyond.

Once the exact location of the skylight is


...2 steel angle irons needed to be tacked

(welded)... prevent warping of the roof when the

welder was cutting the opening.

Here they are welded and ready.

The steel frame is then positioned on the

roof and welded in corners.

Then the welder started cutting with a


...around the inside of the steel frame.

As he was cutting topside, someone had

to be inside...

...on fire watch from the sparks.

Once he had cut all the way around he

went below...

...and carefully cut from the inside in

areas that didn't go all the way thru.

Then a little tapping with the hammer...

...a little gentle prying with a crow bar.

...and some pulling and tugging.

Then back inside to do some more cutting

in spots as light starts to show.

Just a few little spots, and checking with

tugging on the roof.

Finally the piece is lifted off by 3 men! It's



Then grinding the support bars off from

the inside.

It's super to have the ability to load large

items thru the skylight.

May 2002

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Returning to JoLi' Folie on May 5

During the time we were away, the moisture retaining gravel ballast was removed and replaced with pavers. This project

required the removal of the plywood floor and the steel bars above the water tanks. The water tanks then had to be hoisted to

enable work below. Upon our arrival on the 5th of May the steel grids above the tanks had just been welded. A new floor needed

to be laid on top of the steel. We lived in the aft cabin until August.

The framing of the interior had started in preparation for the rock wool insulation. Obviously, there was still no plumbing, or

electrics onboard. We had hoped that plumbing (which would also include central heating) and electrics would have started by

our return. But we found out that no one could be found to perform the work. Joe started installing these systems himself.

A skylight needed to be cut in the upper deck roof. A skylight not only brings light in to a barge, but enables owners to bring

large items onboard. The process is pictured here, bear in mind that we were living onboard while all this was being done!


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