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How different Paris looks without leaves

on the trees

Notre Dame in the cold

Kathy & Marcel

Working in the galley with a view on the

Oise in the winter

In front of one of the most famous

chocolate shops in Paris. the cold

Enjoying lunch in Auvers with Aurelio and


March 2008

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March arrived to find us in our final month of French classes.  Joe's confidence in his french had improved immensely thanks to

a super french teacher and group of people in his class. Lisa's french was also improved mostly from the focus on grammar. We

both enjoyed having such a mixture of people from so many different cultures and countries in our classes.

We continued participating in the Paris Walks, as well as our exhibition and museum visits. The hard cold of winter appeared to

be behind us as temperatures slowly rose above freezing. We had survived "winter in Paris".

The longer we lived on JoLi' at the port so close to Paris, the more we realized that we didn't want to leave in May when our

mooring space expired. We loved using the public transportation system to quickly and efficiently take us from our tranquil

country location to the center of Paris.We kept telling the port managers that if there was ANY way we could stay in the port we

wanted to. They sympathized with our desire but continued to say that the 5 interior spaces that could accommodate a barge of

our size we're leaving.

Until one day... Bruno, the port captain, came up to us with a massive smile on his face with the good news that one of the

large barges had given their notice and there would be a space for us. Hoorah!  We were in. We didn't have to leave. We could

be in Paris in the good weather! Wow! Pinch me!

...continued below the photos

Towards the end of the month Kathy brought her mom, Marcel, back to Paris to stay in her apartment. They came to visit us at

our new mooring.

The owner of our favorite Mexican restaurant in Ventura came to Paris for a week at the end of March with his wife. It was

really, really cold but we braved the temperatures and took them around Paris one day. And to Auvers sur Oise (Van Gogh lived

here for the last 14 months of his life) on another day.

We now had different eyes for our surroundings. This is what it looked like in the cold and winter, but oh how exciting it's going

to be to be able to see all these places and things in good weather with leaves on the trees.


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