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Net Result (far right) at anchor.

Lovely beach on a small island in the


The beginning of the friendly encounter.

They climbed right on to our dinghy... help themselves to the bananas.

Russ making the big error of bending

down to their level.

This may look cute, but Russ was really in

trouble. The monkey wouldn't let go!

Linton, Panama

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April 2001

Linton is on the route south from Colon and Portobello to the San Blas Islands.

We were told by some cruisers that there were some "friendly" spider monkeys on the small island in the anchorage.

The monkeys would come down and take bananas right from your hand.

What these cruisers neglected to warn us was not to bend down to their level as our friend Russ did in these photos.

The monkey climbed in to his lap, and put his arms around him.

At first we thought it was kind of cute, and all laughed until we realized that Russ was captive to this monkey.

They have huge fangs and started to hiss at each other as they turned jealous of the attention.

Russ had to make a break for it and ended up with a few bites on his hand from his attempt to free himself from the monkeys.

Luckily, no infection, as we were hours from medical attention, just a craving for bananas resulted.


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