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View from the Sixts house onto our


Winter! When we're glad we're not there!

Spring returned to France and so did we.

The Sixts in April. Karine was expecting

their 2nd child in August. The VNF was

building an add-on to their house.


Claude, the avid fisherman.

Teaching his son.

Lucas getting the feel of it.

Entering Claude's lock departing the


Patty & Don seeing us off.

Joe, tending his first line in a lock of the


bye, bye.

The rapeseed was in full bloom. Glorious.

August and the Sixt's house was


Dr. Blue (Claude) at the delivery

Dad and daughter

Camille Sixt

Lisa visiting the hospital the next day.

Can you believe Karine's just been thru a


Karine's private room at the hospital.

Welcoming Camille home.

Whoooaaa. What's this all about!?

Karine's got her hands full.

Lucas got a big one.

Lucas & Claude went for a ride with us to

the yard.

Where we had some carpentry work done.

Leaving Claude's lock.

Claude & Lucas enroute

Claude & Lucas enroute

Claude & Lucas enroute

Lisa getting the bow line ready for the


The yard was just on the other side of the


Karine & Camille joined us on the ride


Lucas checks out the work completed


On the ride home to the mooring.

On the ride home to the mooring.

Lisa, Karine, and Camille

Mom and daughter. A cruiser at 10 days


returning home to the mooring

Approaching Claude's lock

Tricky entry in to lock 75 and the mooring.

Julie visiting Camille

Michael looking on.

Karine & Camille wishing us a good

journey with Julie and Michael.

Winter again at the mooring at the Sixt's


Les Sixt Sont Quatre August 2004

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Claude & Karine Sixt live in the lock-house at our mooring.

He's the lock-keeper.

This year we welcomed their 2nd child to the world on August 10th.


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