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The youngest entry is in the black and

white outfit in his fathers arms in back.

Look carefully and you'll see a baby

walker as part of this one's costume.

Shy, but loving it.

I think this was the 5-7yrs old group.

A star in the making.

This one won in her age group.

Such creative and elaborate costumes!

The wind picked up and gave this guy are

real challenge.

Another winner in her age group.

"Windmills of your mind."

Each costume was more and more


Portugese man of war jellyfish.


The wind was pushing them so hard some

couldn't display their costumes properly

Spanish princess

A clamshell (she opened it by raising her


21st Century Pan -- Grand Prize Winner

Trinidad Kiddie Carnivale 2002

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Children's Carnivale Costume Parade

Children were a very big part of the Carnivale competition.

The children's costumes are judged at the "Red Cross Kiddie Carnivale"

and march with the adults in the final Carnivale Parade.

All age groups were represented and the themes were incredibly creative!


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