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May trip to Amsterdam and Keukenhof Gardens

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We arrived at the Gare du Nord early for our train departure and were able to have a traditional bistro lunch. Joe said I was

grinning from ear to ear, as we sat having our 3 course meal with a small pichet of rosé. Yup, we are back, ahhhhhh. We left

Paris and arrived in Amsterdam less than 3 hrs later.  Our hotel which we booked 3 months ago is in an excellent location and

very very comfortable. Amsterdam was sunny cool, breezy during our entire visit.

We spent an entire day at Keukenhof gardens. This is largest tulip garden in the world, and is only open for 7 weeks every

spring.  It closed on the 15 May this year.  Though there were thousands of people it was very pleasant and the flowers and

their arrangements thru out the park were breathtaking. Joe used an entire SD card during our 5 hour visit. Something he said

he has never done. He got some stunning photos and though it was very cold and a bit windy with not very much sun,  the visit

to the gardens made the whole trip to Amsterdam worthwhile.

We spent an entire day at the  Rijksmuseum which was closed for major remodeling and only had a wing with 400 of what they

classified as their masterpieces on display. Tant mieux! (all the better) as we really were only interested in their masterpieces.

We called it the abridged visit to the museum which has 5,000 pieces in their collection!  Our last day in Amsterdam was spent

at the Van Gogh museum which was excellent. How nice it was to hop on the train that afternoon and be home on JoLi' for



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