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Our room

La chambre blanche

Looking down into the courtyard of Le


We even had a view of our car "Rosie"

and the Loire River

View of the Chateau from our room

La Pointe du Grouin

View of the point

There was a trail to the point.

...with wonderful views

Le Mont across the bay

It was very windy


Cobblestone streets wind up and down...

The old port of Dinan.

View of the port from the castle.

View coming in to port of Cancale

as the tide is coming in.

The Mont in the distance

with the oyster beds at low tide.

a tractor works the beds

Low tide

Tide coming in...

Some of the vessels that were in the


Everyone gathered on the bed at the end.

Annual Summer Solstice Escape

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We chose Cancale on the northern coast of Brittany as the location for our June journey this year.

Lisa had been checking in with the Apilco factory store over the past year

and having them put aside various Flora cups as they came in.

They don't ship, so we had to collect them. The factory really isn't anywhere convenient so

we decided to make the trip to pick up the order before our reservations in Cancale.

Trying to avoid too long of a journey between the factory and Cancale we chose Saumur.

We had a leisurely drive to Saumur choosing the smaller country roads that wove through vineyards.

We had recently discovered "Chambres d'Hôtes" for accommodations and ended up staying at Le Patio.

What a lovely choice! It was a few minutes by foot to the old town center. The proprietress couldn't have been more welcoming.

The next day we drove to Cancale, and checked in to our little room with a terrace at La Pointe du Grouin.

From our little terrace we could see Mt. Saint Michel on the other side of the bay.

We also had a magnificent view of the ocean with the changing tides.

We made a day trip to the city of Dinan.

Our last night there we went in to the seaside port for dinner of their famous oysters and moules frites,

and were treated to a regatta of the old gaff rigged Bretogne sailing and rowing vessels during our meal.


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