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Cousins Gathering

Georges Larnicol

His kouignettes are to DIE for!

You can hardly wait 'til you leave the store

to sample

Rue Buci

Checking out Taschen

Note the rain coats and covers on book


Olive product shop on Rue Buci


Northern cliff hike

stairs down to..

..the beach

And back up..

great name on the boat...

The wind blowing on the water

The cave that is closed by high tide on the


.. you can just see the sign.

view from inside the cave.

hiked thru the cave to the other side..

The cave w/ tide coming in

wonder when it's going to rain...again!

June 2011

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Unfortunately, the weather changed abruptly about the 2nd week of June.

Little did we know this was to continue for the entire season except for about a week in August

June was a busy month for us.

San Francisco cousins were in Paris and so we met for a wonderful dinner on Ile-Saint-Louis.

Caryn, the gal that's taken care of our mail and house over the years that we've traveled,

came for 10 days with her mother and two daughters.

And we did our annual escape from the Summer Solstice "Fete de la Musique" to Étretat.

What a difference between our stay in 2010 and this year.

It was cloudy, cool, really windy and threatening with rain the entire time.

We did some fun hikes into the caves that are covered at high tide as well as hiked the northern cliff side trail.


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