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Kathy enjoying the herb garden on JoLi'

Dinner on deck

Enjoying the late summer evenings...

...with friends

The kitchen in progress

With new curtains, but still missing one

drawer facade.

BBQ lunch at the Sixt's

June 2006 - St. Symphorien

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The pressure and time

schedule off of us after the one

year extension from our

insurance company. We went

to Ikea to research our options

for the kitchen. Ikea had just

opened a store in Dijon (about

45 minutes from our mooring)

the previous fall. While there,

Lisa saw the settee that we

had bought 3 years earlier for

the salon in a much nicer color

with the cushions redesigned.

It was very difficult to find a

settee that would fit in the

area we had available to us

and we considered ourselves

fortunate to have found one

that fit to the cm, but we never

were entirely happy with the

color (royal blue). The new

settee was a new fabric in

earth tones and she decided "it

was a MUST have". So, we

sold the blue one, and bought the new color. What a

change it made to the salon. But then other things just

didn't look right. Friends from the port gave us a coffee

table they no longer wanted and we stripped and

refinished it. It fit perfectly in the salon. The blue curtains

were the next item to be replaced. Joe chose a super

fabric, and Lisa set to sewing the new curtains while he

put together the kitchen from Ikea.

Ikea's kitchen department was exemplary. We planned

our kitchen with their staff and were given a computer

print out down to the last screw of what it would cost. We

made several trips purchasing a few units at a time. We'd

go to the kitchen department, tell them which units we'd

be buying that day, they'd print out a list of items that we

would need to pick up from the self-service section as well

as which would be available for us at the customer pick-

up. We'd return to the barge and Joe would put the units

together. Joe then built a separating wall with a shelf to

separate the kitchen from the salon. (Not yet built in 2

photos with Lisa and Kathy, but in the 3rd photo.)

Kathy, a work mate of Lisa's from her TWA days in

Boston came to visit for a few days with her mom,

Marcelle, who lives in Paris part of the year. It was nice to

take a break from projects. We were able to take

advantage of the glorious summer weather, with late

dinners on deck and BBQ lunch at our friends the Sixt's.

We also had the time to seek out a motorcycle that

would be easy to take on and off the barge that would

enable us to travel further from the canals we were

travelling on. We leave our little Volkswagon Golf at the

mooring when we cruise as it's just too much of a hassle

to shuttle a car. Our bicycles are super, but the

motorcycle would enable us to see things that are too far

to travel on bicycle. Besides, at our advancing ages we're

particularly aware of the fact that one needs to climb

uphill from the canals so it's always a pretty good workout

if you want to venture from the canal tow paths. We had

seen a Honda Innova 125cc the previous year and was

impressed with many of its features. It was a cross

between a scooter (comfort, and weight) and a motorcycle

(enough power/pep to carry 2 adults at 90km/hr). We

were incredibly lucky to find a demo model for sale at a

Dijon dealer. What luck that it was in our area, and it was

a demo model (low mileage and dealer warranty).

Otherwise we would have had to buy a new one. (see

photos in following months) We are super pleased with

how easy it is to get on and off the barge, that it doesn't

take up too much room on deck and create an eyesore,

and how much it opened up our ability to see so much

more of France while cruising on the canals.


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