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View from the Sixt's house.

Camille, now 10 months old

Lucas showing how big he'd gotten

Camille anxious for mom to fit her first


How do I look?

Lucas with a model of a lock.


Lucas ready for bed.

View from the Sixt's new kitchen

Joe waiting at a lock on the Centre for


Lucas at the Kermesse with a classmate

Camille full of energy

Lucas and dad collecting tickets from

games at the kermesse

More tickets for Lucas to redeem!

always a little shy

showing off what he won with his tickets.

Sunglasses and a squirt gun.

It was hot and everyone was thirsty.

In his little play.

Oh, so cute.

Claude knew he had the cable we needed

to watch the video somewhere in his box.

Enjoying the memories of the day.

June 2005 ...back in France

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We returned to France and were warmly welcomed back by friends and easily fell into the casual, comfortable lifestyle we


We slowly prepared JoLi' for our cruising season. We were still undecided as to our route for the 2005 season. We enjoyed

catching up with our friends Claude & Karine Sixt and marveling at how their children Lucas and Camille had grown since the fall

of 2004.

Claude helped Lisa select and plant the onboard flowers for the year. Instead of one type of flower or one color, we mixed

varieties and colors and resulted in a spectacular garden. We'd always had a pretty good herb garden on the back deck, but this

year Claude added to the garden by giving us two tomato plants. The people we passed on the canal during the summer would

always compliment us on our flowers and then they'd see the tomatoes and laugh, and laugh.

We spent a day on the Canal du Centre with friends Patty & Don of Maria. We cycled along the bike path, helped them

activate the deep locks, and Joe took lots of photos with his new camera of the beautiful french countryside.

We attended Lucas "kermesse" (school fête), in which his class did a little performance in which they were mice, and cows,

or other animals and sang a little song. Soooo, cute. We returned home and watched the replay of days events at the Sixt's

house over a family dinner.


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