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Our mooring at the port of St.

Symphorien s/ Saône and the old mill


Fresh cherries along the path at the port.

Our mooring between lock 75 + 76 on the

Canal du Rhone au Rhin.

The port is quiet and peaceful,

yet close to Dole + Dijon for parts and


Herb garden on aft deck taking root.

Progress inside was S-L-O-W. We had to

adjust to the slower work pace.

We bought a fridge and stove. Note no

water, and step stool vs. stairs to enter.

A work mate from our TWA years in

Boston visited us.

She was our first guest onboard JoLi'.

What a trooper w/ no plumbing!

The port's painting raft took up semi-

permanent residence next to JoLi'.

Electricity was from multiple extension

cords. Water was the hose on aft deck.

What a job! First the entire hull had to be

chipped and scraped.

Taking away all rust as best as possible.

Then rust treatment had to be put on.

Remember this barge is 81 years old.

(She looks like it's been that long...

...since a coat of paint had been put on

the hull!) Note toilet in wheelhouse.

After all the prep work and anti-rust

treatment, she was ready for paint.

It took 3L of green paint for each side of

the hull.

Wow! what a difference.

June 2002

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There was SO much to do on JoLi' !

It was overwhelming! Joe studied systems for wiring and plumbing, as it was he that would install all the electrical

and plumbing systems onboard.

Lisa planted flowers and herbs and organized for painting the 23 metre (85 foot) 81 year old barge. The sides were

the priority but the decks and cabin tops would also need to be painted. By now the floor is down in the salon and we

have purchased a domestic stove and under the counter refrigerator. Still no water or electrics onboard. We're

showering in the mill house of the port, and washing dishes with a garden hose. But life is improving as we start work

in ernest.


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