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Karine & Claude



see you later

Karine & Camille...

came to wave bye-bye...

to us when we left

One of our favorite mooring spots

Picking up glass from the oven

Glass blower working the glass

blowing the glass

more shaping

Final piece

Some samples of the work

Hiding from the sun


July 2006 - Time to Travel

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We attended

Lucas' (Claude & Karine's son)

Kermesse (school fete). It was

still hot and the locals were

starting to complain about "le

canicule" (heatwave). The last

time it had rained was towards

the end of May, but we

Californians preferred the heat

to the cold and rain. Everyone

was hesitant to voice the word

canicule, after the summer of

2003. That WAS hot!

We decided to travel north

towards the border of France

and Belgium and just see how

far we got. We wanted to be in

the Nancy area for Julie's

arrival at the beginning of

September, as we were sure

that we wanted to travel

between Nancy and Strasbourg while she was visiting for

two weeks.

We made quick work of the Saône River from the

mooring at St. Symphorien to Corre the beginning of the

Canal de Vosges. Corre was the beginning of some really

nice areas that we had previously visited and were

anxious to return to. Our first stop was to visit one of the

oldest glassworks in France - La Rochère, established in

1475. Visitors can wander their grounds, visit their gift

shop with a display and film on how their glass is made,

but also view the glass bowers and the production line.

Check the site out for details on their hours (attention: the

english version does not have current hours. Please check

their french section for current hours of operation) If you

find yourself anywhere near this area, make the time

and effort to visit. It was about a 15 min ride, uphill on the

Honda from our mooring spot. Boy, we were glad we

didn't have to take our bikes!

From there we continued to the end of the Canal de

Vosges (formerly the Canal de L'Est Branche Sud) on to

the Moselle and to Toul at the beginning of the Canal de

Meuse (formerly the Canal de L'Est Branche Nord). It was

fun to stop in Toul at the port, as this was where we left

JoLi' in November of 2001 on our way down from Holland

to return home to California for Thanksgiving. Toul looks

much better when there are leaves on the trees!

From there we moved north until reaching the city of

Verdun which was also a stopping point for us on our

journey in 2001. We stayed there for a little more than a

week and took the motorcycle to visit many of the WWI

battlefields, monuments and cemetaries in the area.

While in Verdun the heat wave broke, temperatures

dropped and the rain arrived. These conditions were to

remain with us for the entire month of August.

Rather than wait for a better weather day for more

visiting in the Verdun area, we departed with the

knowledge that we'd stop on our way over to Nancy.


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