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Laying a primer down for the wood flooring

Kitchen area done

Salon and kitchen complete.

Wendy & Lisa at Mersault Wine Festival

One of the 8 classical music venues

Another venue under the trees.

Patty, Wendy and Lisa

Enjoying the Chateau grounds and music

JoLi' Folie at Pontaillier sur Saône

No one around, peaceful & quiet.

Claude gave us tomato plants


Savoyeux Tunnel

Rupt sur Saône

la Rochere Glass Works

Couldn't resist a couple of souvenirs!

Lucas at the helm.

Camille saying night-night before her nap.

Lucas exploring with his binos.

July 2005

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Days started going by

pretty fast and we realized that

(unfortunately) we needed to

start being productive as well

as making some decisions as

to where we were going to


Projects on JoLi' still to do

included: the kitchen (too big

and expensive for this year),

and the floors in the main

salon and hallway. We found

some oak parquet and decided

to tackle the project ourselves.

We primed the sub-floor and

then laid out all the boards for

the entire project, numbered

them and then installed them.

This took the better park of a

week and we did it in three

stages. Wow, what a change.

It's amazing that once a project is complete, we feel as if

it's always been that way (which of course, we can tell you

isn't true)!

We also took a few days to go up to Belgium to visit

the yard we were hoping to do our 5 year insurance work

in the summer of 2006. We didn't want to leave this until

we returned in 2006 as the yard would most probably be

booked for the time that we would be in europe. The visit

was productive and we're scheduled for our haul out and

work at the beginning of June 2006.

By the time we returned from Belgium we had decided

that we would cruise to Strasbourg this season and further

if time permitted. We were excited about this choice as

part of the route (from St. Symphorien to Richardmeil)

would be a repeat of our trip down from Holland in the

winter of 2001. Nostalgia or what!

Friends Wendy and Robert had sold their barge and

bought a lovely house off the Burgundy canal over the

winter of 2004-05. Though they miss their barge, they

have a fabulous french country home. A week before our

departure, Wendy called and asked if we would be

interested in going to the Mersault Music and Wine

festival. What a question! We spent the day in the little

village of Mersault surrounded by vineyards, rocky

hillsides, listening to various musical performances in the

gardens of local homes and chateaux. More photo ops for


Then finally it was time to shove off. We said our

goodbyes and were underway for about 15 minutes when

the sky started getting very, very dark. The rain, thunder

and lightning came down for almost 2 hours. There were

times we couldn't see around us but we couldn't see the

bank of the river well enough to pull over and tie to a tree

and wait, so we pressed on. Just after (of course) our first

lock in Auxonne the rain stopped and the sun broke

through. Phfew! We spent a couple of days tied to some

trees at Pontallier sur Saone before continuing to

Mantoche, through the Savoyeux Tunnel and to Corre

where we would join the Canal des Vosges (Canal de l'Est).

The Sixts came to visit us while we were moored just

outside of Corre. When they arrived, Claude and Karine

asked if we would be interested in visiting a 14th Century

glassworks factory that was nearby since they had the car.

La Rochère Glassworks was a 10 minute drive from where

we were moored and well worth the visit. Unfortunately it

was the end of July and the factory was on vacation so we

couldn't watch the glassblowers in action. The factory shop

had magnificent displays and a video of how the glass was

made. Being July, it was our favorite time of year, even

there -- S-A-L-E-S. It's definitely on our list for a return

visit. We then took the family up the canal on a short

cruise to end their day visit with us. We wouldn't see them

for the rest of the summer as we were now getting too far

from home by car for a day visit.


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