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Morning at the lock at the mooring.

Sunrise at our mooring.

By mid-July MOST of the insulation was in.

Old windows opened awkwardly.

Joe had laid most electric cables and

tubing for the water and central heating.

Electric plug placement was a real

challenge at this state of the build out.

Conduit was run down the sides to run

electric lines inside.

Joe installed the water pump and filtration


But there was still no water running on

the barge.

The FRAME for the bathroom and corridor

walls were finally in.

The main bath was taking shape. (Still no

water onboard)

The toilet was plumbed and the sani-plus

was installed.

The base for the shower tray "bac" was

installed with a drain and water lines.

Hard to believe that this would actually be

use-able one day soon.

The main bath plumbing done. Shower

doors installed. Drainage tested first.

Our cabin finally taking shape. Varnishing

the walls would start soon.

At night Joe researched + decided on the

generator, boiler and heating systems.

Two pallets of equipment were delivered

on the 30th of July. (Still no water)

Now we just had to figure out how to get

them ON JoLi' as each was heavy.

A friend at the port had a company that

installed signs on the motorways.

He kindly offered to have one of his

trucks, complete with crew and crane


We had A LOT to crane on to JoLi'. Joe

wanted the generator first.

Joe is in the foc'sle to guide it down as it's

lower by the crane.

Then they helped position it from above.

Joe indicating the boiler was to be next

and back he went to the foc'sle.

Yves, (it was his crane company) is on left

coming onboard to direct.

Yves in the pink shorts directing the


Next was our freezer to be lowered in

thru the skylight.

Robert from "Sunamelia" helps direct the

crane from on deck.

Joe is below guiding it in. Gosh, don't our

flowers look great!

While we're at it could you do the washer/

dryer too?

Sure! By now it's going pretty quickly.

Yipee, laundry soon onboard... once we

get running water.

Yves and his crew. Couldn't have done it

without him!

July 2002

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Third month of work on JoLi'

It still seemed like little was taking form.

Lisa was still painting the hull.

Joe had a good outline now of the electric, water and heating systems he would install.

He had laid the majority of the cables and tubing along the sides of the boat and in the ceilings.

It was really difficult to decide where lights and plugs would go without any walls.


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