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We stopped in Chatres on the way

Chartres Cathedral

Checking something on the iPhone

We stayed in Cande sur Beuvron

Chateau Chaumont sur Loire


Chateau Amboise

Loches Fortress…

…in the Indre Valley

Entrance to Chenonceau



Kitchen at Chenonceau

Chateau Villandry

Chateau Villandry

Excellent audio guides were available

Chateau Villandry

Chateau Villandry

Cave de Producteurs Vouvray Champagne

Work on JoLi'

"you mean there's work owning an 88

year old barge?"

Lisa's favorite spice counter…

…in Paris at Galleries Lafayette

Leisurely traditional lunch…

…at La Villette with barge friends

Ojai neighbors came to lunch on JoLi'

while they were in Paris

Summer 2009

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We escaped our port for the Summer Solstice on June 21st for the peace and quiet of the Loire Valley. June 21st is also called

"La Fete de la musique". Basically, it is THE one day of the year that people can make noise all night long unrestricted. This

means anyone can play their music at max, until all hours of the night. Cities and villages in France organize concerts of all

sorts to celebrate this day.

The first year that we were in our port for the 21st of June they set up two bandstands and the two stages ran performances at

the same time! Then at midnight, when our village says that the CONCERTS/PERFORMANCES must end, we had groups of people

playing bongo drums back and forth to each other until 3 o'clock in the morning. A visit to the chateaux in the Loire Valley

seemed perfectly timed this year. The weather was glorious and we ambled through the villages enjoying our leisurely days.

The rest of the summer, until we departed for a 2 week cruise on JoLi' in August, passed pleasantly with a mix of work on JoLi',

cultural events, days in Paris and of course, Brocantes for Lisa. We felt very much at home and settled with our daily life.


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