Gerardin Travels        

Morning mist as we travelled alone.

Looking back across a pont canal (canal


Lockkeeper moving foot bridge from our

path to allow us to pass.

Lisa working the bow line in a lock.

Morning and JoLi' pushing aside ice on the


We were underway at first light.

Ice on the canal made for a pretty


It would twinkle like chimes as JoLi's bow

cracked it's way on the canal.

More ice...

Some chips would slide across the top

when it was thicker.

The steps of Epinal...

...are 14 locks with a small basin...

...(pictured here) between each lock.

One moves from one lock, thru the basin

and in to the next lock.

The locks are automatic. Oh, look at our

sorry barge.

We would pass through the ice covered


Looking back as we exit a lock.

Fourteen times until we reached the top.

Then it was 9kms along the continental

divide. Alone.

Ice covered canal

Big sheets of ice

Wow! we passed another barge!


Lockkeepers (white car on left)

accompanied us along the tow paths.

More cold and ice.

Heading in to our mooring for the night

that the lockkeepers had suggested.

First lock of the day. Ice, as we approach

the lock.

Locks were manual on this portion of the


Just another day of travel.

We had 2 lockkeepers this day in the car. this area was all manual locks.

Cold continued.

Great view of the condition of our barge.

Note Joe with fleece hat and jacket inside!

JoLi' Folie at quai in St. Jean de Losne.

Part II of the Journey

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Toul - St. Jean de Losne

We returned to Toul the first week in December. This would be the most difficult part of our journey. There was no way for

us to stay warm through the long cold nights. Our propane heaters couldn't keep up without insulation. By now we had tarped off

all but a small area where the table and camp stove was below. We slept in the wheelhouse as it was the only place that was

partially insulated. When we came in to our mooring spot for the night, we'd open the engine cover in the floor of the

wheelhouse to allow the heat from the engine to add to our warmth.

Record cold continued as we travelled south to our destination on the Canal de L'est and on to the Saône River. Days were

even shorter. We would run all day as light would permit. Moor at last light for the night and start again each morning. The lock-

keepers continued to be incredible. Many passed on their sympathies for September 11th, and told us how they loved


We made note of places we wanted to return to in warmer seasons or when JoLi' would be in a more finished state. And

then there were times when we questioned what we were doing. Was this really something we could achieve?

We made it, we made it! We arrived to St. Jean de Losne on December 14th and checked in to the Auberge de la Marine

that very evening! What a sense of accomplishment we had.


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