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Early sunset in the winter

Tuilleries gardens meeting spot for our

Christmas Lights Paris Walk

Christmas lights as no where else in the


Selection of vegetables unsurpassable

at our favorite veggie market

Selection even in the peak of winter

Made cooking a delight

Paris Walks guide Iris...

...during our chocolate walk

It was FREEZING out!

Wherever we went there was the

magnificent architecture all around you.

We passed this building every day on the

way to school.

January - February   Winter 2008 in Paris

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We returned to Paris for the winter on the 26th of December 2007. We made this decision because the mooring that we had

in Cergy was available to us only during the off season. That meant that on May 1st we would have to vacate. There was no

mooring available for a barge of our size inside the port on a permanent basis.

We decided to give "winter" a go in France. Our plan was to enroll in french classes at Alliance Francaise. We each were

tested in written, oral and comprehension placed in classes that corresponded with our levels. We chose the extensive french

classes that met on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 13:30-16:30. We quickly fell in to a daily pattern of life

revolving around our classes. On class days we would go in early and spend some time in the Multimedia library preparing for

our classes or using many of their excellent aids that are available to students. We'd then go to their cafeteria and eat lunch

before heading off for our respective classes. Evenings were spent on homework or other studies. Wednesday ended up being

errand day. Shopping at our wonderful vegetable market pictured here, doing laundry, and other chores on the barge. Friday -

Sunday we spent going to exhibitions or museums in Paris, participating in a Paris walk or an excursion in the countryside

(weather permitting!).

It was very cold for us feeble Californians but it was an experience we will never regret.

The cold months of January and February passed as we ensconced ourselves in our Alliance program.


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