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Watching the tour

Patty & Don from France were visiting

Linda & Lisa

January - April 2006

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Ojai & Martinique

We were totally enjoying being home in Ojai. We experienced 25 year appliance-itis during December -- that is a

condition where ALL of your appliances fail. In our case, the washing machine started to run like a river every time we

used it. The stove would decide for itself when IT would want to start, not the chef. The refrigerator sounded like tractor

competition was taking place in our kitchen when it was running (which was practically non-stop). Oh our electric bills!

The dishwasher was so loud that we couldn't hear the music or TV while it was running. And the microwave had long

given up 3-4 years previously and parts were unavailable as the unit was so old. So, we started the new year out with

all new appliances. The Flintstones were now in the Jet Age.

In February, the Tour of California passed through Ojai on a stage and we watched many of the same teams and

riders from the Tour de France compete. It was a good turn out, but nothing close to crowds of a stage of "The Tour".

In the middle of March we received an e-mail from an interested Canadian about Net Result. After numerous

telephone conversations, we flew down to Martinique to show her and consummated the sale in two weeks. We stayed a

few extra days to aid the transition, Joe went over all the systems onboard while Lisa varnished the mast for the last

time. A more pleasant, honorable, smooth transaction couldn't have occurred. We said our good-byes to Net Result and

the friends we had made in Martinique and flew home to Ojai on the 14th of April.


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