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The kitchen (white drawer was temporary as

Ikea was out of stock for a few months)

View from kitchen to salon with dinner table

set up.

The new sofa and coffee table

Ta, Dah!

The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse

New cushion covers

Corridor to main bath and cabin.

Main bath


Main cabin

Aft guest cabin with new curtains and douvet


Aft head

Aft cabin

Current Interior Shots - 2006

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We thought it would be a

nice idea to show more

updated interior shots of JoLi'

since we have now been

working on her for five years.

Our work this summer made

huge changes again. It was

time for a REAL kitchen and we

were very fortunate to be able

to make an Ikea design fit.

What luck that Ikea had

opened a store in Dijon in the

fall of 2005. The close

proximity enabled us to buy

the kitchen in stages which

made it easyer for Joe to put

them together. We weren't

overwhelmed with masses of

cartons and pieces that needed

to be stacked somewhere as

he assembled the units. The

staff and their planning

program made it relatively

effortless. We found a

wonderful corner sink in a granite composition that would

really optimize the work area in the kitchen. Joe then built

a low dividing wall between the back of the kitchen

counter and the table in the salon. It hides the counters in

the kitchen, but enables full view of the salon. We're really

pleased with the outcome and what a difference in makes

in working in the kitchen!

We also changed the settee from the royal blue to a

wheat colored one. Friends in the port gave us a coffee

table they no longer wanted and we refinished it. The color

change made the old blue and white curtains look awful,

so we chose a super earth tone material and Lisa sewed

all new curtains while Joe put the kitchen units together.

The photo with the 3 men on it had the new furniture with

the old curtains. The other photos show the new curtains.

They made a big change in light and temperature

protection as the new curtains are not only much heavier

but lined.

With the change in the main salon so radical, we

focused a bit on the wheelhouse. The orange flowered

fabric really needed replacing, so we chose a wheat woven

heavy fabric and Lisa sewed those while traveling this

summer. We have purchased new fabric to replace the

green curtains in the wheelhouse, and Lisa will sew those

in 2007.

We also replaced the rug in the main cabin and main

bath with an oatmeal berber. We were on a mission to rid

ourselves of the royal blue color scheme that we had

started with. The change in the rug lightened up the area

immensely, and next year Lisa will most probably sew a

new douvet cover for the main cabin. AND we purchased a

desk and file storage unit at Ikea to replace the

"temporary" desk we bought in 2002.

The aft guest cabin also got a little much needed

attention this year. Curtains were finally sewed for the

ports. This was challenging due to the opening nature of

the ports as well as the incline in the ceiling made it

difficult to select hardware. Lisa found some paintings at a

Vide Grenier -- (her latest passion for 2006), and she

sewed a light creme colored douvet cover for the bed to

replace the old darker one. There's still a few finishing

touches in the aft cabin (ie: trim the dividing wall between

the head and bed, refinish or paint a couple of areas), but

basically it's much cozier now.

We also output some of our favorite photos of our

travels and memories so far on JoLi' and have started to

hang them on the walls.

What still needs to be done? Well, we need to finish

out the main cabin a bit. Baguettes (trim), cleaner storage

and drawer space than what we have now.

These photos were taken "as we live", not staged like

a real estate or boat sale advertisement. We'll have to

make the effort in the future to prepare our interior shots


P.S. Thanks once again to Guy for many of these photos.


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