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April 4th. Daffodils and tulips in bloom.

June 10th

Salmon and red geraniums were planted

in front of the house.

June 10th Grande Allée

August 30 Grande Allée and the

nastursiums are starting to peak

September 4 & 19th...

with the nastursiums at their peak

April 4

April 4

April 4 (notice no leaves on the Poplar

trees in the background)




June 10


April - No leaves on the Wysteria at the

Japanese bridge

September 19

September 19

June 10 at the lilly pond

September 4 lillies in bloom

Until 2009

when we visit the gardens again...

Visits to Giverny in 2008

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We visited Monet's Gardens in Giverny about 6 times in 2008.

Each time it looked so different than the previous visit.

I've grouped the photos by areas in the garden and the progression over the year

so the viewer can see how these areas change over time.


Click on any image to view larger images or start a slide show


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