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Wallibou Bay, St. Vincent. The film crew

put smoke out around the pirate ship...

...while filming. We were told it was to

mask out the modern buildings onshore.

A view of one of the "smoke-making"

boats around the film scene.

Looking back at the film set from the

cockpit of Net Result.

The Pitons at Soufriere, St. Lucia

Net Result moored at Harmony Bay.

A view of the port of Soufriere from our

Park mooring.

Park rangers collected @ $5.00/nte park


Benny from Harmony Bay provided

security for boats moored infront of his


Sergeant Major fish visible in the water

from our deck.

The water was so clear.

Sunset and a clipper cruise ship passing.

Benny and his wife at their restaurant

Harmony Bay.

Harmony Bay. You can hail "harmony bay"

on VHF 16.

We hiked over (and around) the pitons to

the other side to the Hilton Resort.

The resort is beautifully designed to blend

with the environment.

We headed north to Rodney Bay where

we left Net Result on the hard.

February  2003 —  Bequia, St. Vincent, St. Lucia

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We continued north from Bequia, past the island of St. Vincent while the movie

"The Pirates of the Caribbean" was being filmed.

We stopped at the southern part of St. Lucia at Soufriere. The Pitons were magnificent.

From there to Marigot Bay, which was much too crowded for our likeing,

and not good holding. We decided to haul at Rodney Bay.


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