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We had the bottom ground down and a

new epoxy layer laid up.

The hull taped off prepared for a new

boot stripe.

The new boot stripe

She was polished, and fresh bottom paint

was put on.

Peake's did a fantastic job on all the work

that we wanted done.

She was sparkling and ready to splash.

We had stowed everything during the

summer months.

They put Net Result on this trailer and

towed her from her storage spot...

...thru the yard... the hoist...

...where she's carefully prepared to


Nervous narvousess.

She is placed in sling-like straps.

Then we are told to board her up the

ladder... be onboard when she is splashed.

This is a very strange feeling....

Down we go...

ever so slowly...

...always checking for water as we enter.

Divers in the water slip the slings away

and off we go.

December 2002 - Returning to Net Result in Trinidad

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It had been almost four years since we had hauled her

and we wanted to take advantage of the facilities at Peakes Yacht Services.

We wanted to raise our waterline, but also wanted to have

a new barrier coat professionally laid while we had such excellent marine services available.

The hull was ground down and a new epoxy layer was laid up.

The water line was raised and a new boot stripe was painted.


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