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Rodadero, near Santa Marta. This looked like


Net Result anchored in one of the small inlets

at Bahia Gairaca.

Net Result and Destiny

Visiting with one of the residents. The lady

loved our nesting dinghy.

Another boat "Bear" with 2 americans came

in during the last week we were waiting.

Joe gave the boys a lift in our dinghy. They

were swimming out on the wood to visit us.

Rinaldo took us on hikes to digs where pre-

columbian pottery...

...could still be found. His boys were avid

archiologists also.

He explained some of the history to us of the


He showed us ancient buriel sites.

Even Ricardo (the youngest) loved the digs.


On our way back to the bay and our boats

from the excursion.

Rinaldos house with his boys Jonathan and


view from the hill

Our trip to Santa Marta, Rinaldo made sure

his sons kept an eye on all 6 of us.

Rinaldo and his boys at a cafe.

We had a personal guide of Santa Marta

...and the archeological museum there. Much

of what we saw on our hikes was there.

Days turned in to weeks as we waited for the

weather to change and for us..

.. to be able to continue eastward. We

snorkelled the bay and played dominos.

Richardo was quite the domino player! He

knew which dominos were still out.

...and we waited.

...and played more dominos, until we finally

had to return to Cartagena.

Columbian Coast

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We became friends with a

man, Rinaldo, who lived in a

small hut on the edge of the

bay with his two boys,

Jonathan and Ricardo (14 + 9).

Because we were stuck much

longer than we had planned,

we started to run out of

supplies and fuel. Rinaldo

made arrangements for a truck

to take us all to Santa Marta.

He was interested in the

ancient columbian ruins that

filled the jungle at the edge of

the bay. The family helped us

pass the days waiting. Ricardo

was quite the domino player.

With no change of weather

in the near future we made the

difficult decision to return to

Cartagena and make

arrangements to leave Net

Result there during the

summer months instead of the

caribbean. It was difficult because we kept thinking, what

if in 2 days the weather does change, then we've missed

out. But we really couldn't sit it out any longer mentally.

Our friends on Destiny successfully made the passage in


With Net Result safely stored at the Club de Pesca in

Cartagena, we departed for Europe.


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