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A group of us took spent a day at the

horse races.

Mogojumbies were a real highlight during

many of the competitions.

The costumes competitions for Kings  &


Our friend Paul Richer came for the three

days of Carnival.

We took him to visit the other side of the

island - Maracas Bay.

...and what would that be like without

yummy "shark & bait" (Fish sandwich)

We saw the Pan finals one night. We could

visit the Pan "yards"...

..and watch them practice during the

weeks prior to the competition.

Another famous Pan band performing in

the finals competition.

...and the next night was Dimanche Gras.

It was here that all the finalists for Kings

& Queens costumes were displayed.

Complete with blacklights, fireworks, and

special effects.

Costume under normal light

Same costume under black light.

This was one of the "King" winners.

The costume was massive and was very

difficult to push especially when the wind


Fireworks were built in to the costume!

The colours were magnificent!

It was impossible to delete any of these


...because all the costumes were so


Where's the person?

A totally different costume when they turn

the blacklights on.

This dragon was also a winner.

From the back...

...all around it was magnificent.

...under the black light.

...and with the fireworks inside.

In normal light

and under black light

Some dock mates who participated in


We viewed the parade from a private

balcony. Nice to be away from the crowds.

But to be honest, it just looked like a mob

of people.

Here's a Queen marching in the parade.

Someone trying on a costume.

Unless you were sitting in front of one of

the viewing stands where judges...

...we don't think you really could

appreciate the bands and costumes.

Prizes were awarded for the costumes

within the "bands".

Music trucks were plentiful within the


Carnivale 2002 …and the events leading up to it

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In our opinion the events leading up to the Carnivale Parade were the real highlights rather than the Parade itself.

There was the pan band practice sessions in their yards, the preliminary and semi-finals for the pan bands,

the Kings and Queens costume competition, visiting the Maas Camps to watch the costumes being designed and constructed.

A King and Queen costume leads the each band in the parade. These Kings and Queens costumes are incredible design feats.

Frames are permitted within the costume but must be able to be pushed/moved by the person within the costume.

Some stand two-stories high and you can hardly see the individual within the frame of the costume.

To these costumes they add special effects during the competition.

Special fabric that reacts to black lights and even fireworks are integrated in to the costume.

Great music, magnificent color and creativity.


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