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Sandy & Russ line handling for Net Result

Massive ships passing by us in the

"banana cut"

Approaching the first of the Gatun locks.

Line handlers need to catch the monkey

fist the workers throw from shore.

Then tie our lines to it, and the workers at

the walls pull the lines ashore and secure

them to the bollards onshore.

The car carrier came in behind us...right

up tight. We looked up UNDER his bow.

Canal workers walk with lines as we pass

in to the last lock

This shows you how close we were to the

doors. Caribbean on the other side!

The doors opening to present the

caribbean to Net Result.


At the dock with our congratulatory T-


Approaching the triple Gatun locks

onboard "Coastbuster"

Going down tied against the wall is the


Line handlers use oars and boat hooks to

keep the boat off the sides of the wall


Russ showing how tough a job going down

really is!

See how long the line is over the wall.

Canal Transit Part II from Pedro Miguel to Colon

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April 2001

We completed our transit (from Pedro Miguel - Colon) of the Panama Canal in April.

"Coastbuster" line handled for us, from Pedro Miguel to Colon

and then the following day, we line handled from them.


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