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Stevie, Gerry, Joe, Lisa, Chris and


…decorated about 72 cupcakes…

…the night before her party.

We made a Hazelnut cake in the shape of

a cupcake.

With chocolate frosting and caramelized


A batch of lemon cupcakes

A batch of devils food cake cupcakes

A batch of red velvet cupcakes

We had 2 chocolate frostings…

and a lemon and a pomegranite cream

cheese frosting.

We had a blast individually decorating

each cupcake.

Micaela and Chris went to the flower

market in SF

Judy brought old family photos for

everyone to see

Gerry & Adam did 3 photo collages of


The party debriefing session

Betty's Surprise 90th Birthday Party

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Joe's mom, Betty celebrated her 90th Birthday on December 13, 2009!

We gave her a surprise party at Stevie & Gerry's house in the Bay Area on the 12th of December.

Thirty-two members of the family attended the celebration.


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