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Arriving at the Vision of the Seas...

at the Stockholm, Sweden pier.

Magnificent archipelligo on departure...

...5 hours to reach the Baltic Sea.

A few hours of no rain to enjoy the views!

These were taken between 7-9pm

The ship threaded between...

…tiny little islands you could almost reach

out and touch.

Rain soon ...

and wind!

Beautiful wood inlaid floors...

...and crowds, and crowds...

...of people.

This photo isn't for the chandelier, but to

give you an idea of the number of people

in each room..

…and corridors...

..and rooms!

Rained continued during our city tour.

It was a Saturday so regaradless of the


wedding parties gathered at sites for


Beautiful bridal dresses!

More bridal parties...

Joe loved the high heeled Russian women.

Even on cobblestones, they walked like

they were in tennis shoes!

The Hermitage

Having a look-about at a market.

Baltic Cruise • St. Petersburg, Russia

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During our past almost 5 years in Paris, we've discovered a new interest/hobby… Fine Art.

We've been members of the Louvre and d'Orsay and look forward to each visit.

One of our goals was to visit The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Their collection is regarded 3rd in the world after

the Louvre, and Victoria & Albert Museums. During our research for travel to St. Petersburg, we became discouraged by the Visa

requirements and their associated costs, as well as the language difference. We found a promotion on Royal Caribbean Cruise

Lines for a 5 night itinerary that included 3 nights in St. Petersburg. We could base ourselves from the ship and take the shore

excursion to The Hermitage. Perfect!

The Hermitage visit was marred by the lack of maintenance of the building and its prized art collection. Crowd management was

non-existent, and caused a few frightening moments when moving from one room to the next, as the doorways were the

original width for the groups of 40-60 people passing through them in both directions at the same time. Our tour guide had

quite a job keeping our group of 40+ together. We finally dropped off the back when we reached the excellent French

Impressionist collection and managed to find our way back to the group meeting spot on our own. Thanks to a fairly poor

museum floor plan map in French that Lisa picked up as we entered the museum.

After our experience we appreciate the excellent planning and maintenance of the museums in Paris. Something we sort of took

for granted prior to our visit.


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