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Kitchen area of Sophie's house

Sophie's garden

Enjoying a british evening in the garden at


Dinner at Sophie's

Cumbria hike

Lake Wast Water

Lake Wast Water

Lake Wast Water

Lake Wast Water

Lake Wast Water

Lake Wast Water

Ravenglass at low tide

Muncaster watermill

View from the mill

Ravenglass narrow gage railway

Whitehaven port

Whitehaven port

Lock at Whitehaven


August 2007 UK holiday

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We arrived at the yard on the 29th of July. Our haul-out date was the 15th of August but the yard kindly allowed us to leave JoLi'

in the water at their facility while we visited our friends in England for two weeks. We knew that when worked started in the

yard it would be grueling, not only the long hours of constantly supervising the work being performed, but the noise, the dirt,

the stress…

We traveled via Eurostar to England and visited our dear friends, Hil & Pete. The day after we arrived in London the yard rang

us to see if it would be "OK" if they put us in the pit on the 10th without our being there. Wow, we'd actually be ahead of

schedule. We were thinking that we'd probably be in the yard for 2 - 3 weeks max and the sooner we get in the sooner we can

get out and have the yard work behind us. hah, hah, HAH!

We were very fortunate with the weather during our visit because by now we had pretty much forgotten what a sunny warm day

was like. Sophie invited us to dinner at her newly purchased home. It was a delightful evening, just very bizarre to think that

this woman who welcomed us to her home and cooked us a lovely dinner was the same little girl that only yesterday, or so it

seemed, was in tiny little pig-tails.

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While there, we took a couple of days to travel north to the Lake District to visit some barging friends.  They live in an old mill

house in the village of Ravenglass where the Ravenglass & Eskdale narrow gauge railway travels directly in front of their

solarium on the way up the valley. We hiked around the Wast Water Lake in Wasdale Valley which is claimed to be the deepest

lake and in some places extends below sea level. The tourist internet site for the Lake District says that:

Wast Water Lake was formed by glaciation, is half a mile wide, three miles in length and reaches down to 258 feet! Magnificent

mountains are a back drop to the lake including England’s highest mountain, Sca Fell. There is a low level path which runs along

the perimeter of the lakeside and at Oilgill Head there is a high level ridge walk with spectacular views over the lake. It’s all

truly breathtaking. And it WAS!

The Lake District reminded us very much of New Zealand. It was a delightful break in our year before returning to the

grindstone of life in the yard!


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